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Hire on Demand HR Services

If you run / manage a not so big business, then you may ask – If you do need a Human Resource (HR) department for your business?
A more important question would be – If you have to address the needs of your Human Resources? The answer to this question would have to be a definite affirmative.
That brings us to answering some of the queries as,
• How about someone who screens through the countless resumes your recruitment ad has generated?
• How about someone who gets the Human resource manual and induction schedule done?
• How about someone who prepares the payroll before the month-end and has it managed by the pay day?
• How about someone who files in all the employment related statutory requirements to the concerned government offices?
There could be a simple project based answer to such questions and many more of them.
In short, to manage your day to day HR transactions you may not need a full time HR Department.

How is this system advantageous to you?
1. You get more time to manage your own business.
2. It costs much lesser than having a department all the while.
3. We have the expertise of delivering these transactions over the last several years, so why not leave
it to the experts.
4. Get it done when you want to. Get the transactions managed as and when it needs to be, resulting in better efficiency.
5. It has worked all this while, and through these recessionary times, we are yet holding on to our business.
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Need Temporary Staffing Solutions?

Temp Staffing & Its Need
Temp staffing is a term that describes the scope of work arrangements available to organizations other than regular, direct and full-time employments. Temp staffing includes temporary help, contract employment, hiring of consultants, contingent workforce and leased worker arrangements. A temp staffing arrangement is usually provided by a staffing agency.

Recession and volatile economic changes are forcing companies to employ tactics to stay agile. From technology solutions to hiring practices, companies are looking at streamlining processes, cutting costs and providing smart solutions. This is leading to a continued strong demand for technology professionals.

On reviewing the competencies of the team in-house, companies find that they do not have the required expertise. In addition, many businesses are finding that they do not have the resources or time to manage their recruitment efforts effectively in-house and are becoming increasingly reliant on the expertise of staffing agencies to find experienced IT professionals needed to augment their workforce.

Companies conversant with Temp staffing are aware of the many advantages of contract workforce and understand that utilizing the services of staffing agencies can increase their chances for success during unforeseen circumstances.